Professional Roof Cleaning Service

Okay, so you know you know you need a professional roof cleaning service and that we are the ones to take care of it, but what’s going on up there and why does it look so bad? Good questions and we’ve heard lots of pretty good guesses over the years. “Acid rain” is a popular one. “Bird droppings” has been mentioned several times. (What kind of birds would these have to be?!) “Tree sap” is another one, but “the tar is showing through” is probably the most common, albeit a virtually impossible answer. Truth is, it's an algae-like bacteria that lands on your roof and slowly grows and matures over the years. As it matures, it basically “blooms.” This phenomenon seems to happen overnight, but it's been brewing for years, usually 5-7 years for the north side, 8-10 for the east and west, and 10-12 for the south.  

We also have many customers tell us they only need a partial roof cleaning service because it’s only growing on one side or another, but this is not the case. It’s growing on all of their roof, but certain parts mature and bloom faster than others because of the amount of shade each side gets so it takes longer for some areas to get “dirty.”  

We will help you determine if cleaning all or some of your roof is the better choice for you. We do need to clean all of the side(s) chosen and do not just clean a spot here or there as we know the difference will be obvious.  

Many roof cleaners try to scare potential customers by saying the algae is eating the roof and will shorten the life of the shingles even though there are actually no studies or proof of this. We don’t use this scare tactic. We address the undeniable fact it’s ugly and only going to get uglier unless something is done. Sad thing is, many roofs are replaced in the Springfield, MO area because they look bad when a professional roof cleaning service could have achieved the same results for pennies on the dollar. Even sadder, these new roofs will get “dirty’ again. It's similar to buying a new car only because the old one is dirty. Doesn't make much sense, does it?   

Oftentimes, the algae bloom is followed by or even preceded by moss and lichen. Now these undeniably damage the shingles as they hold moisture which softens and loosens the granules and try to attach roots also causing granule loss. Our process kills these organisms as well and we let them decay off naturally over a few weeks so as not to add to the problem.   

We offer a 3 year, fully transferable streak free guarantee with all of our complete roof cleanings so if you are considering selling your home or business in the next few years, cleaning it now will get you the most bang for your buck. Realistically, it will likely be 4-5 years before the north and/or shady sides will need to be cleaned again.  

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