About Us

Before starting Shingle Brite, I noticed the need for a solution to the ugly roof stains on my Springfield MO home in the early 1990’s. When I came home I would be disappointed by the growing stain on my roof. I tried not to look, but once I first noticed it, I couldn’t stop. I noticed I wasn’t alone. Other roofs looked as bad or even worse than mine.

Eventually, I started Shingle Brite. The journey so far has involved countless hours of hard work and even more hours of marketing, networking, and getting the message out that having a “dirty” roof as we call it, is a choice. Having cleaned over 1500 residential and commercial roofs at the time of this writing, obviously, people are listening. Siding, concrete cleaning/sealing, deck and fence cleaning/staining, gutter cleanouts/guards, holiday lighting and miscellaneous pressure washing are other services we provide.

Oh, about all the hard work and long hours? I couldn’t be happier! I feel blessed every day because I get to be “Mr. Shingle Brite!”