Why Does My Roof Look So Bad?!

It's not your fault. It happens to everyone and every type of roof sooner or later. At first, you can kind of ignore it. But soon, there is no denying it-something is wrong with your tile, slate or concrete roof! How can this be you wonder? Your roof isn't that old but it looks dingy and awful. It looks like lots of things are growing on it too. This isn't what you signed up for! Do I (and my neighbors) just have to live with this? No and pressure washing is not the answer either. There is a much better way.

  • Our process safely kills the organisms attacking your roof
  • Restores appearance immediately-no waiting for weeks
  • Roof looks fantastic when we leave every time
  • 3 year streak and stain free guarantee  
  • Cost is a fraction of replacement
  • Low-Pressure system for no risk of roof damage
  • 500+ roofs cleaned-most experienced in area by a mile

Tile, slate and concrete roofs look fantastic and last for many decades.  They, like all roof types, do get "dirty" as we call it the roof cleaning biz. This means they get overrun by algae, lichen and even moss. These organisms continue to thrive until they are "cleaned" off by our Low-Pressure process, which basically sterilizes the roof. These organisms are growing on your tile, slate or concrete roof right now, even if you are unaware or can't see them yet. The longer you wait, the more they grow and the worse your roof will look. Let us take care of this for you and make you proud of your roof again!

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