Let’s compare using Shingle Brite Roof and Siding Cleaning cleaning to you cleaning your roof with these DIY products to see which makes more sense. The cost to have a 2000 sf home, including garage, by Shingle Brite is approximately $450-$550. On average, about 75 gallons of solution will be used to treat the shingles. The […]

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You plan to sell your home in the next several months and you know that your home needs to look it’s best when it hits the market to sell faster and for more. Perhaps you have ugly stains on your roof and your once beautiful siding is now an embarrassing slimy green. You know you […]

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15 Apr April 15, 2015

Selling your home?

Clayton Keller 0 Roof Cleaning

What is the first, logical step most owners do before trying to sell their car? They wash it, of course! Everyone knows that a clean car looks better and is more likely to sell quicker and for more than a dirty one. Yet, everyday people will list their home for sale with an ugly, stained […]

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