Siding Cleaning


Shingle Brite Roof and Siding Cleaning will professionally soft wash the outside of your home to eradicate all algae, fungus and dirt that is robbing the natural beauty of your home. We will clean your home from the ground up using our professional equipment that allows us to reach up to 3 stories high to apply our cleaning solutions. These solutions go to work and then we thoroughly rinse the dirt and grime away.

Springfield MO power wash siding cleaning

Springfield MO siding cleaning before

Springfield MO power wash siding cleaning

Springfield MO siding cleaning after

Shingle Brite Roof and Siding Cleaning does not use the outdated process of cleaning with high pressure. This old way did not eradicate the organisms growing on your siding. Instead, it simply forced off the visible parts, leaving the microscopic parts still alive so it quickly roared back to life.  It’s common to see siding that appears clean at first glance but a closer examination of the underneath of each piece reveals a very thick and heavy layer of green grime. This is algae growth missed by high pressure that will quickly spread over the freshly “cleaned” areas.

High pressure is also a danger to your siding, windows, doors, etc. and can force great volumes of water where it shouldn’t be. It’s common for us to see the damage created by high pressure to the finish of the siding and have heard many stories by homeowners about the damage caused by it to other parts of the home.

Shingle Brite Roof and Siding Cleaning uses a process that avoids these issues and is also much safer for the operator than high pressure. Anyone that has ever tried to clean siding on uneven ground on a ladder with a pressure washer knows just how dangerous it is. Our process keeps our feet on the ground, but just in case, we carry general liability insurance and workers comp, but most pressure washers do not. A potential lawsuit from an uninsured contractor who fell off a ladder on your property is a nightmare you can easily avoid by calling us.