15 Apr April 15, 2015

Selling your home?

Clayton Keller 0 Roof Cleaning

What is the first, logical step most owners do before trying to sell their car? They wash it, of course! Everyone knows that a clean car looks better and is more likely to sell quicker and for more than a dirty one. Yet, everyday people will list their home for sale with an ugly, stained roof, probably thinking that their only other option is to replace it with an expensive new one. Who can blame them? Who wants to spend a fortune on a home right before they move out of it? On the other hand, who wants to buy a home with a dirty, stained roof that they assume needs replacing? Well, fortunately there is a much better option. Have your roof professionally cleaned by Shingle Brite for a FRACTION of replacement cost! Plus, the 3 year stain free guarantee is fully transferable to the new owners, adding even more value to your listing.

Try it for yourself. Looking around your neighborhood, it should be easy to find two similar houses, one with a clean roof (possibly prematurely replaced because it was stained) and one with a dirty stained roof. Which one do you think will sell for more and quicker? Now picture that dirty, stained roof looking clean and fresh after a non-pressure cleaning by Shingle Brite for approximately 5% of replacement cost. Now which one will sell for more and quicker?

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