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Roof Cleaning 101

What Happened To My Roof?

You probably never really notice your roof much, but one day you realize it doesn't look so hot anymore. You don't want to look, but it looks worse and worse every day. You dread the high cost of replacement, but what choice do you have? It doesn't seem fair either, as the roof isn't that old! Fortunately, you have found the answer. Our Low-Pressure roof cleaning will instantly and safely restore the beauty of your roof and your home or business. 

But Why Does My Roof Look So Bad? 

First of all, it's not your fault or anyone else's really. It's caused by windblown algae-like bacteria spores. They grow slowly, but as they begin to mature they basically "bloom" causing the ugly streaks, stains and swirls. Usually, the entire side of the roof will start to bloom at the same time. This is why it seems to just come out of nowhere.  

I Only Have It On My North Side

We hear this all the time, but it's never actually true. The north side usually does bloom first as it provides more of the two things the ugly invader needs-shade and moisture. The north side may have won the race, but the east and west sides are coming around the bend with the south side hot on their heels. The algae's job is to make your roof look awful and takes it seriously. What else is it going to do anyway?

Does It Hurt My Roof?

Lots of roof cleaners say yes. They claim the algae is feeding on the limestone filler in the shingles. They say it breaks down the shingles causing granule loss. At Shingle Brite, we don't believe this is true. Having cleaned over 500 roofs ranging from 5-40 years old and we can say we have never seen anything to validate the "eating" your roof theory. Perhaps, the stains keep the shingles from reflecting the sun as effectively, causing a hotter attic raising cooling costs and even cooking the shingles from the inside out. This is just speculation though. Everyone does agree it's ugly. 

So My Roof Is Safe Even If I Don't Clean It?

Maybe. Roofs with heavy tree shade will also get invaded by moss and lichen. Moss is bad. Lichen is REALLY bad. We have seen scores of roofs where lichen has eaten into the roof, leaving holes that look like someone went nuts with a hammer. This can happen on a roof less than 5 years old and not always with heavy shade.Trees over a roof may look nice, but it's the worst thing you can do to a roof. If you are in the trees you need to get it inspected now

Do I Need To Have The Whole roof cleaned?

It's never a bad idea to clean it all. However, depending on the age of roof, progress of the infestation, amount of shade, time expected to be in home, etc. cleaning half may be a logical choice. 

I heard It Doesn't Always Work Or It Might Take Weeks

We believe this comes from people using some of the DIY products on the market that claim to work. We have cleaned dozens of roofs AFTER the homeowner tried to do it themselves. Plus, some roof cleaning companies will barely treat the roof and tell you it will look good in a few weeks. No one wants to hear that and we don't do business like that. The process we use works every time right away. 500+ times and counting. No exceptions. Guaranteed.

What Our Customers Say

He finished my roof and it looks great! I recommend giving Clayton at Shingle Brite a call if you need any outdoor part of your property cleaned by a first class professional. He gives free estimates. You will be amazed like I was.

Tony Greeson 

Springfield MO

They did the roof at my lake house in Lampe and it was covered and stained by oak pollen or tree stuff. It looked bad... It looked new when they were finished....


Bryan Altizer

Brian Altizer
/ Lampe  MO

Clayton with Shingle Brite did a wonderful job cleaning our roof, house, concrete, and fence. The place looks great! We would recommend him to anyone. So nice to find a company that takes pride in doing a great job.

Sharon Bell
/Clever MO

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