House Washing

Shingle Brite will professionally clean the outside of your home using a non-pressure, soft washing technique that will eradicate all algae, mildew, fungus and dirt that is robbing the natural beauty of your home. We will clean your home from the ground up using our professional equipment that allows us to reach up to 3 stories high to apply our cleaning solutions. These solutions do the work and then we will rinse the dirt, grime and mildew away.


Our goal is to make you love your home again without using high pressure, which can force water behind your siding or even damage the finish. We may elect to use a power washer when cleaning your home but only from a distance because it allows us to more efficiently apply the cleaning solution and to rinse effectively. We will do so in a manner that does not apply high pressure directly to your home. In the event that more than just gentle garden hose pressure is required (commonly required for hard surfaces such as stone or brick), we use pressure-adjustable wands that allow us to start with very low pressure and then increase it just enough until we can flood the dirt away. This is generally a much lower pressure than you would use at a self service car wash.