Concrete Cleaning


Concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Tired Of The Way Your Concrete Looks? Get Professional Concrete Cleaning.

You hate the way your concrete looks but dread spending all weekend cleaning your driveway or pool deck.

Who wouldn’t? Cleaning 1″ strips at a time gets old and fast! It quickly becomes a daunting task for even the most eager homeowner. Your driveway or pool deck may not seem all that big when you start, but somehow it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger until you can’t possibly imagine how you could have ever wanted to pressure wash it. What were you thinking?

Worse yet, it’s almost impossible to do a good job. It’s easy to spot a driveway or pool deck cleaned this way, especially when they are wet.

Plus, you work hard all week. Who wants to work hard all weekend?

Let us do it for you while you do something more fun like going to the lake, playing golf or taking a nap.

Shingle Brite’s professional-grade surface cleaners allow us to efficiently and safely do your concrete cleaning without leaving zebra striping or the marks left behind from wand cleaning. We provide uniform and consistent concrete cleaning.  The picture above shows one pass with our surface cleaner on a very dirty sidewalk. How long would that take you with a wand?

Truth be told, you probably “pay” yourself just a few bucks an hour by not hiring a pro to do it for you. Plus, you have the cost of a pressure washer and the hassle of storing it. Even worse, unless you spend at least $1000 on a pressure washer (ours cost about $4000), they are pretty much disposable and won’t last long if you use it much at all.

Why waste your whole weekend on concrete cleaning when we can do it for you?