Concrete Cleaning


Professional Grade Equipment

Shingle Brite uses professional grade equipment for our concrete cleaning services. We will safely remove the dirt, and mildew making your concrete look ugly. Concrete cleaning is not a job that can be done effectively with just a store bought pressure washer. Simply using one of these wands and a high-pressure nozzle will give results that are less than satisfactory. Often times, the concrete may look sort of clean until it gets wet again and then you can see what is called “zebra striping” which is all the dirt, and mildew that was left behind. This type of cleaning will usually provide unsatisfactory results and don’t last very long. Plus it’s hard work!

These types of consumer-grade pressure washers are actually disposable and not designed to last long. Unlike commercial machines, they also do not have enough “gallons per minute” to flood the dirt away so you have to try to blast it off. In the hands of an untrained operator this can actually damage the concrete surface, especially if this process is repeated over time. It is not hard to find concrete that has been damaged this way.

Shingle Brite’s professional-grade surface cleaners allow us to efficiently and safely clean your concrete without leaving zebra striping. We provide uniform and consistent cleaning. Shingle Brite does not use high-pressure wands to blast the dirt away so we won’t damage your driveway, patio or sidewalks. When we trim out the edges or corners of your driveway, patio or sidewalk, we will use a pressure adjustable wand with just enough pressure to do the job. The picture above shows one pass with our surface cleaner on a very dirty driveway.