14 Mar March 14, 2015

Cleaning a Cedar Roof can Extend the life for many years

Clayton Keller 0 Roof Cleaning

Most homeowners are unaware that their cedar roofs should be professionally cleaned using a non-pressure method that removes the fungus, mold, moss and lichens and also restores the oils every 5 to 10 years to extend the life of the roof. A properly cared for cedar roof can last 40 years or more and look beautiful doing it. Cedar that is not exposed to the elements will last for hundreds of years but when exposed to the forces of nature dry rot fungus can cause the wood to decay well before it’s time. Dry rot will make the roof appear dark brown or even black especially when wet. When covered in moss and lichens the shingles are not allowed to dry properly causing them to become soft and decay. Many cedar roofs will have both conditions, especially when shaded by trees. Too many times the roof is neglected until apparently there is no choice but to replace it. However, a proper cleaning can often save the roof, even if it seems lost. Once the fungi and moss are removed the decaying process is stopped allowing the shingles to breathe and perform like they were designed to do.

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