What Makes Us Unique

We Love What We Do

We can't wait to get to your home or business and make it look awesome! We work hard but we have fun doing it and take pride it doing better than anyone else can. Shingle Brite is aggressively growing because it is being built one very satisfied customer at a time. 

We Make It Easy

Your time is valuable. Most residential bids can be done over the phone. No waiting days or weeks. No taking time out of your day to meet someone. Easy peezy. Of course, we will be happy to give you an on site bid if you prefer. 

We Make It Even Easier

You don't even have to be home when we do your service. We do our awesome job and email the invoice to you. You can click on the button on the invoice and pay by credit card. Even easy peezier. 

We Make It Safe

We make sure you aren't at risk. We have General Liability in case we damage your possessions or other property. We have Care Custody and Control in the unlikely event we mess up the very thing we are working on. Most contractors don't even know they need both. We carry actual Work Comp on all workers on site not a "ghost" policy. We carry Work Comp for the actual codes we should have including when we are on ladders or on the roof. Guess who could get stuck with the bill if your contractor does not have these things and something goes wrong? YOU!!  

What Our Customers Say

He finished my roof and it looks great! I recommend giving Clayton at Shingle Brite a call if you need any outdoor part of your property cleaned by a first class professional. He gives free estimates. You will be amazed like I was.

Tony Greeson 

Springfield MO

I had Shingle Brite clean my deck last week and the results were remarkable! My deck looks like it did when it was built. They did my siding as well, same incredible results! I highly recommend Shingle Brite to everyone in need of Roof, Siding or Deck cleaning!

Chris Allman
Nixa MO

What a great job by Shingle Brite this morning. Our house looks like new. The shingles look great. The soffit and gutters are white again and our gray siding is revitalized. Thanks for doing such a great job Clayton.

Kendall Fortner
/Springfield MO

Our Journey

As the owner, I first noticed the need for a solution to the ugly roof stains on my own house back in the early 1990's. Everytime I came home I would be disappointed by the growing stain on my roof. I tried not to look, but once I first noticed it, I couldn't stop looking at it. I also noticed that I wasn't alone. Other roofs looked as bad or even worse than mine. After 38 years in customer service training and people development, I started Shingle Roof and Siding Cleaning. The journey so far has involved countless hours of hard work and even more hours marketing, networking and getting the message out that having a "dirty" roof as we call it is a choice. Having cleaned over 500 residential and commercial roofs at the time of this writing, obviously people are listening. Siding, concrete, deck and fence cleaning are the other services we provide. Oh, about all the hard work and long hours? I couldn't be happier! I feel blessed every day because I get to do this.

Since We Started


Roofs cleaned


Customers Served


Siding Cleaned

Meet The Owner

My name is Clayton Keller and if you are reading this, I appreciate you sticking around. I am a lifelong resident of this area, and while my family and I may love to go the beach, I can't imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else than right here. As busy as I am, I manage to squeeze in time for the family and I also play golf pretty much every week. As my business has taken off, my handicap has risen at about the same rate. If you don't know, a rising handicap is a bad thing. Oh well. 🙂 

Are You Ready To See What We Can Do For You?